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  • Dear Forum,

    i have a question concerning the detection of actual work in the future in the Project Client: how can i highlight in Project Professional those tasks that contain actual work in the future? Is there a way to combine existing fields to create a filtered view that shows only those tasks in my project with actual work in the future.

    In my scenario we have a Project Server 2007-system with the use of timesheets and to improve the quality of the Project-plans we have a set of rules that are evaluated and reported through SSRS. However we would like to give a view to the project managers that helps them to find quickly those tasks that need to be assessed because of actual work in the future.

    Currently the only way that i can think of is the use of VBA (check of timescalevalues work vs actual work for each task). But i would prefer a solution that doesn't use vba.

    In my opinion there are two cases that need to differentiated:

    • A task that hasn't yet started and has actuals in the future

    This one can be detected with the field "Status" ~ "future task" (translated) and "Actual Work" > 0 

    • A task that has already started and has actuals in the future 

    Here i haven't yet found some kind of indicator....

    Do you have an idea concerning the described challenge or do you need further information?

    Thank you very much for your expertise and looking forward to read your hints,


    Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:02 PM