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  • Hi everyone,

    We are trying to use columnstore index on a reporting database(It is SQL SERVER 2014 and we replicate data to this database from multiple databases) and we want to see if  this will give us any benefit.

    Does anyone have any comment or suggestion for below topics? Does any one have any quick link that will help us in our research.

    1.  Insert speed and impact.
    2.  Update speed and impact.
    3.  Delete speed and impact.
    4.  Locking impact during DML.
    5.  Rebuilding indexes, need; effect, etc.
    6.  Integration with rowstore indexes.
    7.  Compatibility between clustered columnstore, nonclustered columnstore, and rowstore indexes.
    8.  Joins.
    9.  Seeks vs. scans.
    10.  Alter table -- add column, alter column, drop column.
    11.  Indexes with character and numeric data types, nulls, not nulls, etc.
    12.  Bulk insert.
    13.  Replication.
    14.  Partitioned tables/indexes.
    15.  In-memory tables/procs.


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