WOPI PHP integration Please provide easy SAMPLE RRS feed

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  • It has been one week and we are struggling to get the WOPI integrated. We have found sample codes in C# but there is not help in PHP. I wonder Microsoft integration is so much difficult and it consumes a lot of time in research. Let me explain you the scenario and please help in basic words to get this done: 

    1.  File is kept in our host:  1.docx  and we want to open in office online through WOPI. 
    2.  We are not using any token at the moment. We just have this file and Cloud Partnership with Word enabled. 
    3.  https://sjoffice.proteq.nu/wopi1.html this is where we are atm. 
    4.  Please give us basic code that we integrate to open 1.docx in the server. 


    Thursday, June 18, 2020 9:51 PM


  • Hi CharlesBran, 

    First question, are you attempting integration with Office for the Web in a cloud scenario and enrolled in the CSPP (Cloud Storage Partner Program), or are you working with an on-premises (i.e. local) deployment of Office Online Server from our Volume Licensing Service Center? 

    If the former, then you should be posting your question to the Yammer group that CSPP offers for program participants.

    If the latter, then we can assist you with *specific* questions about implementing the WOPI REST protocol documented here:

    [MS-WOPI]: Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol

    for integration with Office Online Server. 

    Regarding your request for sample implementations, we have only supplied a reference implementation in C# using the IHttpHandler class in .Net here: 


    You may be able to find sample implementations using other languages and platforms in relevant 3rd party developer communities but we currently do not provide these. 

    Please clarify your integration target product.

    Best regards,
    Tom Jebo
    Sr Escalation Engineer
    Microsoft Open Specifications

    Friday, June 19, 2020 12:17 AM