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  • I'm very new to DQS. Please accept my apology if my question is irreverent. I have seen Azure Marketplace, but data in Marketplace limited and very generic data like Phone, Address, Company and IP Check. Most of the real time implementation will need data reference from 3rd party vendors. In my case I want use reference data from "Thomson Reuters". So how do I approach for that. It's just a scenario. I do not have any relation with "Thomson Reuters" to get the support from them. Is there any place where I can get the help regarding connecting to 3rd party vendors. If we have any other forum, kindly route me to that place. 

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards, Syam Bandi

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  • 3rd party reference data (outside Windows Azure Datamarket) doesn't work in SQL Server 2012 DQS, so don't use it. The product group is aware of the concern, and the request to make it work is popular.

    Thanks, Jason

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