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  • Hi guys ,

    I have a couple question about AssemblyInfo.cs.

    1- [assembly: Guid("7878d838-264c-404e-ba6d-db14352e429c")] is there another number exactly same this number? wat can this number be used for?

    2- what kinda algorithm visual studio uses to create this number?

    3-may i delete AssemblyInfo.cs ?if i may what kind problem it may cause?


    Monday, February 27, 2012 12:05 AM


  • AssemblyInfo.cs contains information about your assembly, like name, description, version, ecc. You can find more details about its content reading the comments that are included in it.

    If you delete it, your assembly will be compiled with no information, i.e., in the Details tab of the file properties you will see no name, no description, version, etc.

    The value associated with assembly:Guid is the ID that will identify the assembly if it will be exposed as a COM object. So, if your assembly isn't COM-exposed, you don't need this. It is randomly generate. In any case, normally, you don't need to modify it.

    Marco Minerva [MCPD]
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