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  • Hi,

       Hope you are well. I have been racking my brains on how to do the following but have come up with nothing so far. I am trying to convert a text string into a Boolean validation rule to validate a second comma separated string. I will explain further:

    My first string would be variable length and comma separated = string1. This would be read in from a table which we would call Table1

    e.g.*** string1 read in from 1st record of Table1. Codes are 5 or 3 characters long.

    string1 = ",ABD86,SGS54,FGD45,DHE78,DHF46,KLA23,PAR"

    A 2nd variable length string would read in from Table2. This will be used to evaluate string 1 and return true or false.

    e.g.*** string2 read in from table 2 to validate string1.

    string2 = "(SGS54 | ZFD12) & (PAR | BGD)"

    With Boolean syntax Or = '|' / And = '&' / Not = '!'

    How can I convert string 2 from a text string to an actual Boolean rule? with equivalent

    Bool result = string1 contains (SGS54 Or ZFD12) And contains (PAR Or BGD)

    *** Which would convert to

    True = string1 contains (True Or False) And (True Or False) 

    I would like to do this with multiple strings in both Table1 and Table2, that have varying number of terms using Or = '|' / And = '&' / Not = '!'

    Thanks in advance

    Monday, February 6, 2017 9:14 PM

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  • Hi,

    We could use RegExp "\w+" to match the any word characters and then check if string one contains the several strings and returns 1/0.


    Dim a, b As String
    a = ",ABD86,SGS54,FGD45,DHE78,DHF46,KLA23,PAR"
    b = "(SGS54 | ZFD12) & (PAR | BGD)"
    Set Reg = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
    Reg.Pattern = "\w+"
    Reg.Global = True
    Set myMatches = Reg.Execute(b)
    For Each match In myMatches
    If InStr(1, a, match.Value) > 0 Then
    b = Replace(b, match.Value, 1)
    b = Replace(b, match.Value, 0)
    End If
    Debug.Print b

    The result is (1 | 0) & (1 | 0).

    Please check if it works for other strings in your database.

    If the reg works, for the second issue about how to calculate the Boolean expression, I would suggest you post a new thread.



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