Is there any way through which i can see a stored procedure executing in sql server?


  • Is there any way by which i can see how actually my stored procedure is working in sqlserver management studio. When i call stored procedure from my business logic layer i want to see how it is execting step by step. It is providing me resul;ts from trrigers and view can i see how it is functioning.  How can i use a debugger in sql server management studio? I have listened it somewhere that i can see how a stored procedure is working/executing from visual studio. Am i right? my stored procedure is providing me a result set based on inputs that i have provided to it. It is 500 lines long getting records from various tables it is not possible for me to study it like a novel . Is it any other way by which i can see how actually it is functioning. thanks.


    Thursday, September 26, 2013 8:06 AM


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