Open PDF/DOCX file from SSRS Report


  • I have a requirement to have a link on the SSRS report that opens pdf/docx file in a new window. The PDF/docx files already exist and are generated by third party tool using C# in web application.Whenever user tries to generate a document (PDF/DOCX)  in the web application we are inserting  these docx/pdf files into sql server database table.

    In the database table will have following fields

    ID                                      int

    TestFiledName                   varchar(50)

    SampleFiledName              varchar(50)
    ReportType                                    varchar(50)
    ReportDoc                         varbinary(max)

    1)I need steps to create a link in the SSRS report that will open a new window with PDF/DOCX.

    2) How can I generate document (PDF/docx) from the binary data ?(we are inserting documents (pdf/docx) into the database ) 


    Wednesday, October 16, 2013 3:32 AM


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