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  • Hi, I'm playing with Orchard and I'm really interested about the Content Localization features it will have. I think it will be a primary level piece of software (IMHO is very well implemented) but the lack of localization support can be a problem for the adoption of it mainly in the European countries.

    I Live and work in Italy, and as a developer I've worked in many project (mainly tourism/vacation oriented) where Localization was one of the first concerns.

    I can't see any infrastructure in place for dynamic content localization, (only localization of static strings) in Orchard.

    From my point of view (and of all customers of the company I'm working for) Multilingual 1:1 sites are more realistic and easier to mantain, but it is not a feature easy to address. We have managed it using some XML and parsing it at runtime, but I don't know if it is doable in an object infrastructure already in place like Orchard has. Maybe it can be developed like an Extension?

    Is anyone interested in some contribution? Have you already planned how to implement such localization infrastructure? Some guidelines?




    Forgive my poor English

    Thursday, April 8, 2010 9:06 AM


  • Content localization could be achieved in several different ways. One could be to re-use and extend the revision infrastructure already in place, but to key versions off culture instead of version / date. Another would be to have one content item per culture and to have an additional content part that ties the different versions together.
    Thursday, April 8, 2010 11:59 PM