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  • I'm need assistance working upgrading to LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entities or even if it's practical.

    Previously, I created a web solution in VS2005 that calls a stored procedure and populates a grid view by the user selecting a date from a Calendar Control. The user then selects each record, edits if necessary and moves onto the next.
    Each Edit routine populates a temporary database table with the results.
    Once the user is complete, a command button processes all the above records that populate permamanet tables.

    The entire process uses stored procedures exclusively for each of the steps. A DAL *.xsd was created and bound to the .aspx page. A public class BLL wraps around the table adapter

    It all works good.

    Anyway onto VS2010 and the hopes of improving the turn around time for development. What's the best approach for using stored procedures in LINQ that require a passed parameter from the web form? Does the best solution involve the creation of a WCF Data Service or the like or is the best approach to use the tried and true DAL?

    There appears to be a whole range of data solutions that appear to be as much or more convoluted than the creation of the DAL unless I'm being biased after seeing the overwhelming choices offered to simply access a database.

    I did find this link Data Services - Lacking that goes into greater detail about this frustration in choosing the best solution.

    Has the outlook changed since this was first written?

    So which approach is the most practical for using stored procedures?





    Thursday, September 30, 2010 7:13 PM