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  • Hi! I go to a school that is going to start a new unit that is with Small Basic, but for right now we are doing some research about it. I am just wondering about how long should it take to learn everything in Small Basic?
    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 4:03 AM


  • Hi,

    could you define what you mean with "everything"? I think that could take multiple years. The possibilities are simply to big e.g. Creating new modules in VB.Net to use in Small Basic. So you should define the content, what you want people to learn.

    And from my experience (I am not a teacher, all my experience comes from talking with my family in which ae multiple teachers / school leaders, Teacher of teacher,...), teh ebst way is to:
    1st) define the content. What should people learn? e.g. first some common commands, then we get methods, ...
    2nd) Once you defined the common content, you should specify it much further. So you should define an environment that gives a direct and easy start. I just remember the teaching in school (that was in 1988 I think, using Mac systems with Think Pascal) we had a very simple environment where we had a small robot with limited commands (e.g. turn right, step forward, pickup, check if something to pickup is there) which we was able to move over a small field (I think 20x20 fields) where we was able to put walls and stones. And then we was introduced into methods (Write a Turn Left Method which is doing 3 Turns Right) or recursion (We had to move the robot up a pyramid and down again) ...

    So I think there is a alot of preparation required before you can do the first lessons.

    Some content is also available online:

    Wiki page about Teaching Small Basic (just some ideas on it):

    Thread about teaching Small Basic:

    Teaching Kids Programming site:

    I hope this helped a little bit. Maybe someone else also reads here / is active in here who uses Small Basic in school, too. I think it would be great to get more content and ideas into the Wiki or so. At least I think this forum could be helpfull when planing some content for the lessons.

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