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  • I have to implement a workflow in our application and decided to give Windows Workflow Foundation a try. Using the documentation and tutorials from MS I designed a basic Workflow with custom Activities. I have a custom activity as a Trigger for a Transition from State A to State B. This activity creates a Bookmark which is executed / resumed by the user after a while. This works as expected.

    But now I'm stuck. I'd like to define a condition for the Trigger of this transition which only allows the user to resume the Bookmark if the condition is met (e.g. the user must have special rights or a property must be set).

    What I see in the Workflow Foundation Editor is, that I can define a condition for the Transition, that is evaluated after the Bookmark is resumed but I need this before.

    Has anybody done sth. like this or a hint how to solve this Issue?

    Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:28 AM

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