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  • I am not an IT, but I have some programming experience (primary Excel-VBA, Visual Studio - C#). My skill set is limited to window environment application development (used C# to build window form application and run in Windows environment).

    Now I am ready to learn something new (web development). My workplace compute(issued laptop) has only Visual Studio Enterprise and Microsoft Office, there are two projects in my mind that I want to learn in the next few months:

    1. Data Collection: Use Visual Studio to build a web page (containing a form), and use Access as back-end database. When user submit data via webpage form, the data will be sent to Access table. Maybe I can put the webpage on somewhere under organization sharepoint.
    2. Data Visualization: Use Visual Studio to build a webpage (webpage put somewhere under organization sharepoint), displaying summary Access data on the webpage.

    This is for learning purpose, it is not personal computer, and I cannot install Microsoft SQL Server for practice. So I think Visual Studio Enterprise and Access are the resource available at this point. Back-end access table is just temporary thing, eventually, webpage will interact with organization SQL database. At this point, I don't want to mess up with organizational database, using Access table as learning purpose.

    For the whole process, what should I learn? Particularly what programming languages. Step by step, how to accomplish the goals? Please elaborate as much as possible, such as Using Visual Studio ASP.Net Web Application to build ....

    Any other suggestions and comments are welcomed.


    Friday, January 17, 2020 5:23 PM

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