Exchange 2010郵件通過Exchange 2003中繼,會導致郵件傳遞給Exchange 2010,造成循環 RRS feed

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  • 三個子域ABC各有一台Exchange服務器,其中子域AExchange 服務器版本為Exchange 2010,另一子域BExchange版本為Exchange 2003 (並允許中繼,


    1. 在子域AExchange 2010 將發往Internet的目的郵件aa@aa.com通過子域BExchange 2003來中繼轉發,但發現Exchange 2010將郵件傳遞給Exchange 2003後,Exchange 2003並沒有通過Internet轉發出去,而是又轉給了Exchange 2010 。(具體可以查看截圖1),
    2. 在子域A中的Exchange 2010設置aa@aa.com通過子域BExchange 2003來轉發,卻導致子域CExchange 2003上的User發往該地址的郵件都通過子域BExchange2003來轉發了


    針對問題1:為何BExchange 2003既然接受了中繼,為何又將郵件轉給Aexchange 2010,造成循環郵件發不出去(各種Smtp連接器類型都有測試)。

    針對問題2:何故 會導致網域類的其他的Exchange 都受到這條Smtp連接器的影響。(有勾選範圍傳送連接器

    Friday, August 2, 2013 12:32 AM

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  • Not sure that I got the whole question but it sounds like there is a routing loop between 2003 and 2010.  I assume that there is an SMTP Connector on 2003 and Send Connector on 2010 with an Routing group connector between the 2.  I would look at setting costs on all 2 connectors and look at the SCOPE on the connectors.  Sometimes you may only want 2003 mailboxes to send through 2003 SMTP, so you might scope that connector to Routing group.

    Or you can look at using 1 route to the Internet and keeping it simple.


    Thursday, August 8, 2013 4:54 PM