Linking website to windows service. RRS feed

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    I am familiar with winforms and slowly getting my head around ASP.net.

    I have some dlls which I have created in c#. These currently run from a winforms application. The dlls constantly receive data from some hardware, processes it and displays it on the form. (Bit like a SCADA system)

    What I would like to do is remove the winform and display the data on a ASP webpage. The webpage will need to retrieve the data from the dlls every second. 

    The way I see it working is having a standard windows service running the data capture and processing which the webpage interacts with to retieve the required data, but what is this interface?

    I have had a little look at the WCF Service, but this is effectivly another website that services requests from the web page and I am not sure how to make it run continuosly. I have also read about SOAP and I think this would be well suited to my application, but just not sure how to start.

    All help appreciated!

    Thursday, October 3, 2013 9:52 AM