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    • Applying a rule-set with FSLogix

      Once you are satisfied with your rule-set you might want to apply this rule universally, by moving the rule set to the new location for FSLogix to find and apply.


      1. Located your rule-set files

      The Default location the rule editor saves rule sets is in the documents folder

      C:\Users\<username>\Documents\FSLogix Rule Sets




      2. Move your rule-set into the main rules folder.

      Copy the files associated with the rule-set into this directory

      C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules

       The files to copy vary when you are using the RuleEditor vs. Java RuleEditor

      • For the RuleEditor both the .fxa .fxr files are needed
      • For the Java RuleEditor the .fxa .fxr .xml files are required


      In this article the example indicates a RuleEditor rule-set so .fxa .fxr files are moved into the specified directory.


      Once the rules are copied over FSLogix will pick up the changes and apply them.  This rule-set will now be applied to the system according to the rules/assignments that were given.


      Want to remove a rule?

      Simply delete/remove a rule's associated files from this directory and the change will be picked up and applied (in this case the rule will be un-applied)

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