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  • This sturcture of 16-bit (USHORT) values is mostly used for Background color seems to be loosly defined.  For example the Y value is a 16-bit value, yet documentaion implies 255 is max value and 235 would represent luminance for white.


    Thru experimantaion it appears the values for the USHORTs are really 8.8 fixed-point values, for example 0x0100 represents a value of 1.0  (and not 256).


    Is this the correct inturpretation?


    In other words, if black in desired it is usually specified by Y=16, Cb=Cr=128 in 8-bit versions of this structure, but its also documented as this in DXVADDI_AYUVSAMPLE16.

    The value that produced black seems to be Y = 16<<8 and  Cb=Cr=128 << 8

    Friday, June 13, 2008 7:24 AM


  • Yes, these are 16-bit values, so the range for luma should be x1000 (16 * 0x100) to 0xEB00 (235 * 0x100).


    If you have a recent Windows SDK, take a look at the DXVA2_VideoProc sample. Here's the relevant code:


    Code Snippet




    const D3DCOLOR yuv = RGBtoYUV(BACKGROUND_COLORS[g_BackgroundColor]);


    const BYTE Y = LOBYTE(HIWORD(yuv));

    const BYTE U = HIBYTE(LOWORD(yuv));

    const BYTE V = LOBYTE(LOWORD(yuv));


    DXVA2_AYUVSample16 color;


    color.Cr = V * 0x100;

    color.Cb = U * 0x100;

    color.Y = Y * 0x100;

    color.Alpha = 0xFFFF;


    return color;




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    Friday, June 13, 2008 11:24 PM