"Native Method Call Failed" while updating an appointment in Pocket Outlook RRS feed

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  • The test code sample is like this:

    Appointment app = null
        app = new Appointment(new ItemId(int.Parse(textBox1.Text.Trim()))); 
        MessageBox.Show("Fail to start test"); 
    if (app == null
        MessageBox.Show("Failed test 1"); 

    The appointment object can be get successfully by using a known item ID, but when updating the appointment, exception will be thrown, the exception message will look like this:

    Native method call failed.
    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook.Utilities.CheckHRESULT()
    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook.Appointment.Update()
    In the above sample, I didn't change anything in the appointment object before updating it. The result is the same if I change something and update.

    This problem is always reproducible on certain users environment, but I was not able to reproduce on my phone or simulator.

    This does not happen on all the appointments in Pocket Outlook, only some the appointments in the Calendar will cause the problem. These appointments generally are recurring appointments, such as birthday reminders or anniversaries.

    The problem has been reported many times, on different kinds of the platforms, including WM5 and WM6.1.

    I have searched the Internet and found the following thread in MSDN forum, but this seems no help for my problem.

    Would you please give any information or suggestions on what I should do to solve this problem? Since it was not reproducible on my device, what information should I collect on other users environment which can reproduce the problem?


    Monday, March 2, 2009 2:56 AM