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    I referred the below url to store config info to SSO DB , from biztalk i am reading those values.

    its working fine. i have used the MMC snap in tool to create configurable values.

    but now i have a situation to store one more key/value in the same application via programatically.

    i tried to use the below code snippet for storing values 

    SSOConfigStore ssoStore = new SSOConfigStore();
                    ConfigurationPropertyBag appMgmtBag = new ConfigurationPropertyBag();
                    object value = "Sample";
                    appMgmtBag.Write(propName, ref value);
                    ((ISSOConfigStore)ssoStore).SetConfigInfo(appName, idenifierGUID, appMgmtBag);

    but when i try to update , it is not updating the new key/value pair in the same application store. also, when i open the MMC snap in tool, i am not able to see the existing key/value pairs.

    can any one please help me how to store the sso configurable values dynamically?



    Thursday, April 10, 2014 6:09 PM