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  • Hi Guys

    Couple of things regarding the new UI

    just wanted to let you know the most valued item in windows is now missing. The run/command bar is no more. Since Vista i have not used a mouse to launch any application or to find any setting or any documents and emails. The Command/Run bar above the start menu made my windows experience very fast and very enjoyable. It is sad to see such a great feature being moved to another location.

    Previously it displayed everything in nice categories now i have click apps, settings or files. this makes using it very cumbersome. Please put it back please, i know it is only a developer preview but please do not exclude this from future releases.


    When u click control panel it gives u the new metro ui which is fine. Under more settings is gives u the old ui but to get to the mouse setting i need to click another link before i get there. Why not loose the middle screen it just doesn't make sense


    why is it so darn difficult to shut the machine down. click click

    Any case i very much like the performance of the OS. it is very very fast.


    i think you guys are doing a great job but please sort out the UI integration.





    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 9:22 PM

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  • Hi Stiaan

    Regarding your queries, you can still search, launch apps directly, just press windows Key and then start typing, this will perform an instant search.  If you really want the run command then Windows key + R is your friend.

    To get to mouse settings quickly, just press Windows Key, then type mouse, then selecting settings then mouse app :)


    Shutdown - bring up the charms (Windows Key + C) Or bottom right of screen, select settings then Power.


    Hope that helps





    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 10:42 PM
  • how to launch an app in windows 8:

    step 1, push the WINDOWS key on your keyboard

    step 2, Begin to type the name of the app in which you want to launch

    step 3, either scroll down to, click, or push enter on the app which you want to run


    oh, and don't worry, this isn't even a beta, they will probably change the UI dramatically, depending on our imput, before final release

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 10:43 PM
  • Hi Guys

    Couple of things regarding the new UI

    just wanted to let you know the most valued item in windows is now missing. The run/command bar is no more.

    That's incorrect. When in the Metro interface simply start typing CMD and it will appear. =)
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 4:39 AM
  • Just press Win+R and Run will appear.
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:31 AM
  • Janson and Dyskmasterj:

    With all due respect, what you are offering is a keyboard alternative to an already ingrained GUI task.

    I work on many separate things during the day, but as fate would have it, I use many of the same apps over and over again.  Perhaps my mind isn't as keen as some, but I rely heavily on the start menu to launch apps, and most importantly, to make selections from the MRU list.

    I might have finished up some spreadsheet work just before a lunch or meeting break.  When I get back I've got a mind full of what I need to get accomplished for the rest of the day (or week), and so I'll go to start, select the app (Excel in this case), then move over to view the MRU.  This prompts me not only with what was used last, but gives me something of a history of what has been worked on recently, and more often than not I'll pick up on the name of a spreadsheet, realize that even though I had intended to work on zyyy.xlsx, I'm reminded that yzzz.xlsx has some changes to be made in order to support another project or portion of the current project.

    Now please notice something.  This is done in an instant, I've "trained" myself to navigate to the start button without even looking, and I've even got a better than fair chance of landing on Excel by moving the mouse based only on muscle memory.  At this point I make a sub-second correction to make sure Excel is elected, then move over to expose the MRU.  This takes something on the order of  2 seconds, and most of that time is waiting for the MRU to expand (in fact I'd like control over that hover time to spill so I can speed it up to my liking).

    So yes, you CAN type in a few characters from Excel and it will be listed as something to be launched.  Notice though, I took my hand off the mouse, and while I could use enter to accept the fact I want to launch Excel, my whole paradigm is alreay broken, I'm forced to use a new way to do what I've been doing from over a decade.  What of the MRU at this point?  I would venture a guess that new (blank) instances of Excel are no more than 25% (probably much less) for most people, for myself, I open things from the MRU probably 95% of the time or better, in fact it might be weeks before I need a clean instance of Excel.

    The premise is this:  A new (blank) instance of an application is rarely needed in my workflow, and using a typing shortcut to accomplish what I can do almost without looking while using a mouse is not really an acceptable work around.  I understand that there could be other people that see the keyboard approach as more applicable to their way of working, and I'm fine with that, but here's the part that impacts me:

    Due to an arbitrary choice to make a toy interface the "new paradigm", I am being asked to change how I've done things for decades, but offered the "solution" that "we've provided a work-around for you".

    I don't want a work around.  I don't need a work around.  Nothing about the way I've been doing things is a problem in search of a solution, yet, with the "new paradigm" of touch-first, I DO have to work around an interface I feel has no place on a desktop.

    This isn't one of those things you can "write-off" since a "work-around" is in place.  I'm being asked to change something that did not need changing.  Sure, the fans of touch and the toy-like interface can try and make this "my short-sightedness" and work out the detail "hey, I can type it in and get to the MRU in only 2.5 seconds, are we really going to argue about 0.5 seconds?"  My answer is yes.  Its not the 0.5 seconds or whatever it turns out to be, even if it manages to be faster in fact, its about me having to change my way of doing things to support my new position as a back-seat driver in the "new paradigm".

    Please understand, this isn't a rejection of change because change is scary, this is a rejection of change because one's ability to work effectively is based on fluidity in performing tasks.  Certainly I COULD get used to the changes put in place, but I would be adapting to changes in functionality introduced because a "new paradigm" is trying to support the concept that an  intuitive handheld portable hardware interface is "nirvana" and is supposed to automatically translate to "nirvana" on the desktop too.  It does not.  Past any "fun" experimentation with new hardware, those with touch monitors in a workflow such as mine will slowly figure out its a genuine PITA to reach up and touch something that could have been clicked on in a sub-fractional amount of time.


    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 11:33 AM
  • Hi,

    There's a GUI based solution, if you pin excel to your task bar once (when it is running, right click on its icon on the taskbar and hit pin), that should not only provide quick access to Excel but also the MRU. Whenever you right click on the Excel icon on the taskbar, you'll see the same MRU that you were used to in Start but with a faster entry point.

    Hope that helps,



    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 6:46 PM
  • As with the typed search suggestion, this is no substitute for an organised tree of shortcuts, grouped by topic and usage pattern, within a compact menu.
    Thursday, September 22, 2011 4:06 AM