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  • I have done every step i could find on forums regarding this generic trust issue. literally everything i could find. I have a Sony vaio laptop running windows 7, I can't even access Vaio Care, the program on it to reinstall windows.


    Verifying Digital Signatures: C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe
    C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe: Verifying signature for SetupUtility.exe
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:44]C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe - Signature verification for file SetupUtility.exe (C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe) failed with error 0x800b0001 (Unknown trust provider.)
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:44] C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe Signature could not be verified for SetupUtility.exe
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:44]No FileHash provided. Cannot perform FileHash verification for SetupUtility.exe
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:44]File SetupUtility.exe (C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe), failed authentication. (Error = -2146762751). It is recommended that you delete this file and retry setup again.
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:45]Failed to verify and authenticate the file -C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:45]Please delete the file, C:\91c86aa5-f18b-45b7-b332-d99568f9b1c2\SetupUtility.exe and run the package again
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:45] Action complete
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:39]calling PerformAction on an installing performer
    Action: Performing actions on all Items
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:39]Wait for Item (SetupUtility.exe) to be available
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:45]Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0x800B010B), "Generic trust failure. " (Elapsed time: 0 00:00:27).
    [2/20/2013, 15:44:51]WM_ACTIVATEAPP: Focus stealer's windows WAS visible, NOT taking back focus

    There was more information copy and pasted but aparently it turned up as a link. and this account needs verifying or something...
    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 9:59 PM

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