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    We have a principal application database running on SQL Server 2005, which has 300 GB information.

    This database is synchronized with multiple subscribers using merge replication agent, allowing changes at both the publisher and subscribers.

    Client applications connect to the subscribers and not the publisher, so the information is loaded in the subscribers.

    Last week, one of the subscribers had storage level error (broken discs) that caused corruption in the file system of the server.

    Then, the merge replication with this server began to fail due to bad sectors of the file system. But the database remained online, and the application continued to function normally, so new information was loaded in database.

    Because disk errors, it was not possible backed up the affected database or copy databases files to save the information. Subscribers regular backups were NOT performed.

    After resolving disk errors and repaired the file system, database was restored, but had consistency errors which were repaired by the DBCC CHECKDB command with repair_allow_data_loss option.

    Comparing the number of records before and after repair, we estimates that some records were lost in the database.
    Replication has not been restored yet.


    Now we have the following questions:

    - What happens with lost data in the subscriber database if the merge synchronization is reactivated? We estimate that the lost data will be replicated to the Publisher, and want to avoid that.

    - Is there any way to sync (download) data from the Publisher to the Subscriber to load the missing records again? Avoiding of course the upload from the subscriber to the publisher.

    - If the above point is possible, may you then make the upload to the publisher to sync the information loaded into the database subscriber?

    - If these actions are not possible, have we another ways to sync the information, to avoid losing data in the subscriber?

    Thanks in advance


    Javier Mariani

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:29 PM