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    I have a radiobutton like this

    @Html.RadioButton("rbGrp", "1", isChecked = false
    @Html.RadioButton("rbGrp", "1", isChecked = false)@Html.Label("NO")based on the selection I need to display values from checkboxlist from server how to do it
    Tuesday, November 20, 2018 6:57 PM

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    Hi phmaspnet,

    I am not very clear about your scene.

    Do you mean you want to :

    select Yes then display checkboxlist :ABC...

    select No then display checkboxlist :DEF...?

    And what is your database design?

    You could use model binding and ajax to change your value.


    select Yes then display checkboxlist :ABC...

    select No and then checkboxlist does not display data?

    If so,I suggest you could use javascript to check

    For example:

    @Html.RadioButton("rbGrp", "Yes", new { id = "rbGrpYes" })
    @Html.RadioButton("rbGrp", "No", new { id = "rbGrpNo" })
        if ($("input[name='rbGrp']:checked").val() == "Yes")//if select Yes
            //do something...
        else //if select No or Null
            //do something...

    Best Regards.

    Yuki Tao

    Wednesday, November 21, 2018 4:46 AM