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  • My first impressions of Windows 8:


    1.)Windows 8 is starting really fast

    2.)It runs even on my old PC

    3.)The new UI is really innovative and cool (for Tablet-PC)


    1.)Please don´t call your new Marketplace Appstore (It sounds like a cheap copy)

    2.)I can´t exit Apps without the Task-Manager

    3.)The Multitasking is awkward (you must often click 3 or 4 times on the left side to see the app you want). Furthermore I often want to see more than 2 apps on my screen with a smaller resolution.

    4.)The Mousepointer looks on the beautiful startscreen a little bit like a "Dirt Particle" and you can´t use it like your finger on a touch-screendisplay (the sliding-bars are not really intuitive). If every Live-Tile move on wich you´re moving the mouse a little bit, you could make the mousepointer invisible.

    5.)I miss folders. If there are many Live-Tiles in a folder they can alternate (maybe after 5 sec.). Or you create a function to pin a search on the startscreen (e.g. if you click on "school documents" ->all documents which contain "school" come).

    Please give your statement or idea. (And please don´t be angry, if I´ve made many mistakes with the language :)

    Saturday, October 22, 2011 2:15 PM

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  • My first impression of Windows 8:

    1)  Yes it does start very fast

    2) Yes it does seem to run on older PCs

    3)  Windows Installer has stopped working” when I attempt to install the 32-bit version of the Windows Developer Preview on a Windows Vista 32-bit OS with Service Pack 2.

    Microsoft has identified this issue and there is an alternative installation method.  But you have to dig and dig on several forums to find this SOLUTION!


    1.       Insert the installation media in either the DVD or as a USB flash drive


    2.       If AutoPlay launches, do not run setup but instead choose “Open folder to view files”

     If     If AutoPlay does not launch, open the Start Menu and click on Computer and double click on the DVD or USB drive to open it in a new window

    3.       Double-click and open the Sources folder

    4.       Locate the file “installprep” which will be listed as an application

    5.       Double-click to launch “installprep” to begin the setup process

    Because of this issue you can only launch the “new” version of setup and you will not be able to run the legacy version unless you boot from your install media.

    I am really not impressed by Windows 8 and see it as a step back to the 70's when we all used dumb terminals and accessed our computing needs on a mainframe tucked away in some office tower in Toronto, New York or London England.  As an individual who started his computing career on IBM 360s and embraced the PC and the individuality, independence and security (your files were on your hard drive, not some iCloud on a server in a communist country) it provided I feel going back to a "Web Cloud" is a major step backwards especially when 3 TB hard drives are now in the hands of the everyday PC user, not to mention the latest SSD technology that is available for laptops and tablets.  To me, the "blocks" of Metro apps looks like something one of the Microsoft Developer's kids thought up.  Since Windows 3.0 Microsoft has always had a particular look and feel to their O/S.  The slight changes in XP, then Vista, and Win 7 have not deviated from the tried and true Microsoft Windows look and feel.  Windows 8 on the other hand is a major change in look and feel and from the feedback I am getting from my clients/customers it would be a very long time before they would consider migrating from Win Vista or Win 7 to Win 8.  Win 8 look and feel is great for a smartphone or maybe even a tablet, but for us constant users of desktops and laptops in the business world I think Win 8 has not met our expectations at this point in time.

    Win 8 ain't so great. 

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011 4:08 PM