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  • Hi Team,

    Can you please help me in execute the below task through power shell, i recieved many task related with same.

    Lets assume i have a user Andy and in his outlook there is one shared folder named as (MGMT)and in that he has created more than 50 subfolders, means subfoler to subfolder..

    Now one user named Chris need reviewer access on all the subfolder inside the (MGMT) folder of andy, means parent as well as all subfolders inside it.

    For this it is very difficult to manully give permissions by going to properties of every folder and select reviewer permissions.So please help me in doing this through shell so that it could become very easier and quickly possible..

    Exchange 2010 sp3

    Outlook 2010

    i ran below command :

      ForEach($f in (Get-MailboxFolderStatistics "andy" | Where { $_.FolderPath.Contains("/mgmt") -eq $True } ) ) { $fname = "chris:" + $f.FolderPath.Replace("/","\"); Add-MailboxFolderPermission $fname -User "chris" -AccessRights Reviewer }

    I tested the Above command, and it is working fine. But there is one problem in that, can you please give a solution on that

    user chris got the permission on andy outlook folders, But now in outlook of chris, when i am adding andy account, it addedd but cant able to expand, and this is because the command didnt give access on root folder i.e on andy as a Foldervisible. Now here i want to add the folder visible  permission to be given to root but exclusions i want junk email,sent items,task,contacts etc.. I want to include these in exclusions.

    Please suggest. I am very neer to achieve the goal.


    Thanks, NG

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