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    We've added an Exchange 2010 server to an Exchange 2003 environment.  We are now tyring to sunset the E2003 server. 

    We have gone through each of the public folders and added the E2010 server as a replication destination.  Serveral things make me think the replication is not occurring.  When I look at the replication status of a public folder I see the Replication status on the E2003 is In Sync and the E2010 is Local Modified.  Also when I shut down the Information Store service on the E2003 box the users are not able to access the public folders. Also the size of the public folder database file on E2010 is nowhere near the size of the public folder database file on E2003.

    I have gone into ESM and set the diagnostics logging on the E2003 box to Maximum for Replication AD Updates, Replication Incoming, Replication Outgoing, Non-delivery Reports, Replication Conflicts, Replication Backfill, and Replication General. When I look in the Application Event log I see no replicationg events.  I do see an event ID 8533 very regularly but it looks like that error has been occurring for some time.

    When I look in ESM on the E2003 box under Tools > Monitoring and Status > Status, I see the E2010 listed with a Red X over the server's icon and the status is Unreachable. When I click on the properties of that error line I get a popup box that says "Unable to connect to the WMI service." and "ID No: c1038692."  I have verified the WMI service is running.

    When I look at the queues on the E2003 box they are all empty.

    I believe the OAB and Schedule+ folders are replicated and homed on the E2010 server.  When I run get-publicfoldersstatistics | fl it shows the originalingserver as the E2010 server.

    I amd not sure where to turn next to get replication finished so I can shut down this server.

    Thanks for your help.


    Tuesday, April 10, 2012 11:08 PM