Can someone tell how to get the output data into a forloop RRS feed

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  • Hi all! 

    I am new to this SDK, but I found it amazingly simple to use and learn. 

    I have just one problem; I am using the Kinect to do REAL time image processing

    but the libraries that I am using brings down the framerates to about 10. 

    Since I am running on a i7, I would like to ask for any suggestions on how 

    to take the output array and put it into a forloop so I can "parallel" it. sorry,

    but I am really new to C# i am still a little bit rough on events. Any other

    suggestions on improving the framerate would be greatly appreciated! Also, I 

    tried to turn the resolution down(of the color image) but it would always give me 

    the error.

    Monday, July 4, 2011 4:55 AM


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