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  • ok basically im trying to setup a script that does the following and was wondering wether it was possible.

    Im trying to setup a script where the phone will act as a dial up modem but on the phone. So basically it will dial  # (like AOL # or something) and connect to the internet over a dialup modem. This will allow the phone to be billed to phone minutes instead of a data plan (using GSM not GPRS). In any event, how can i do this on the phone to make lets say a shortcut. And then it dials this # just as it would dial #777 for the data line, instead though its calling a # and using phone minutes as a data connection. I know u can use AT commands with a computer but i want to do this to check email internationally so i only get billed minutes and not ridiculous data roaming charges. In any event allowing this call to go out without voice or a speaker just asi t would with a GPRS dial out.

    Now here is the tricky part: prepaid plans allow for free incoming minutes usually. My idea was to have a somewhat incoming minute system so that lets say when this script is running. if X number calls, it automatically picks up without ringing and no sound voice etc, and knows its a data line and connects that to the data concept (Over GSM not GPRS) to allow for kind of VERy light browsing (obviously slow) or email download.?

    how would i go about making this script or functions to use?

    THan ks!
    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:44 AM


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