How to use '*' as data Element in the NTE(Edi 850) Segment RRS feed


  • Sorry, the answer is the same.

    It doesn't matter what EDI platform either side is using, the '*' in the field content conflicts with the '*' that is the element delimiter. That is invalid EDI, there is no way around that short of writing a custom EDI parser.

    It's not clear if you're sending or receiving this message.  But again, it's really doesn't matter.

    1. Change the Element Delimiter to something other than '*'.  < or > are not uncommon.

    2. If you are receiving the EDI, create a custom Pipeline Component that "handles" NTE02 either by replacing the '*' with a substitute char or deleting it.

    3. If you are receiving, you could add extra elements to NTE to accommodate extra fields (since that's how the parser will see them).  Then you can join them again in a Map.

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