Record & Redistribute files generated using Microsoft TTS Voices


  • Hello,

    If an application requires voice prompts / transcripts, Developers have a choice of getting it recorded by a commercial voice-over artist. Obviously, voice artists cost a lot and Developers with non-existent budgets cannot afford them.

    An alternate solution would be to use a TTS Voice to generate the WAV files. Unfortunately, most companies like Acapela / Cepstral / Ivona etc. do not allow recorded WAV files (using their TTS voices) to be redistributed unless Developers pay more than it will cost to hire a Voice artist; that too on a recurring yearly basis (royalty).

    Microsoft Win8 features some pretty good voices and they can be used too.

    Assuming the following scenario:

    Task (A): SW Developer to use Microsoft's TTS voices to generate audio, record it as audio data and incorporate  the audio data in the end product.

    Task (B): The Audio data will not be accessible away from the product. The online mode of the program will stream the audio data from a web-server while the offline mode of the program will use the audio data from an encrypted storage.

    I tried reading up on EULA documents available on this topic, but I was unable to spot any specific license grants or restrictions. I can go with the assumption that I can use the API / Components that came with MS Windows OS and Development tools to develop an application and distribute it; as long as I don't distribute the development tool binaries or other binaries that are restricted for distribution.

    We are allowed to freely distribute:

    1) Specifically allowed Run-time / SDKs etc. that enable applications to run on the end-user's computer.

    2) Any executable program, data (plain text or binary) and supporting files (such as media, databases), that has been generated by the Development tool or generated using a program that was created using the Development tool.

    Am I right in my assumption? If someone has studied the SAPI SDK EULA, can they point out any clause that forbid me to perform Task (A) and Task (B)?


    Wednesday, July 24, 2013 9:18 AM