WINCE 6.0 Failure parsing locale file while making an image ,if I include japanese(0411), or 0414, or0411, or 0c0a to locale setting. RRS feed

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  • Issue: Make image will show error message like below:


    CeNlsCmp:Overlap in SortSms

    CeNlsCmp:Done. Failure parsing locale file.

    Makeimg:FATAL ERROR: Command returned non-zero exit code 1 (dec).

    Makeimg:FATAL ERROR: Command returned non-zero exit code 1 (dec).


    Install step:

    1:Visual studio 2005;

    2:Visual studio 2005 Service pack 1;

    3:Wince6.0 platform Builder;

    4:Wince6.0 2006 update rollup;

    5:Wince6.0 R2;\

    6:VFPV2 Run-time Library;

    7:Wince6.0 2007 Rollup;

    8:Wince6.0 2008 Rollup;

    9:Wince6.0 QFE M01~M07;


    After this install step, I sysgen and rebuild a new os, it works well .

    But after i add one of ,0411(Japanese), or 0406, 0414, 0C0A to locale setting, It reminds me failure parsing locale  files.

    Does this issue comes up with 09 QFE M01~M07?

    Because If i didn't install 09 QFE M01~M07,

    it works well.

    It's kind an emergency thing, any one helps?

    Thanks a lot.




    Thursday, May 20, 2010 2:24 AM

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  • Hello,
    I have the same problem.
    My locales were
    After removing locale 0c0a, makeimg completed successfully.
    Windows CE 6.0 R3 plus WinCE 2009 Rollup and 2010M01, 2010M02, 2010M03,
    I have looked into nlssrc.txt file for something suspicious.
    I'm not familiar with format of the nlssrc.txt file and my observations
    are based only on comparison of problematic locale with other locales.
    In nlssrc.txt I have found:
    LCID 0x00000c0a 2 ;Spanish(International)
    LCID 0x0000080a ;Spanish(Mexico)
    - there is a number 2 between locale ID and the semicolon and no special
    entries after the locale 0c0a. After other locale entries that have
    some number in that field are some special lines (amount of special
    lines is probably equal to that number).
    Here is an example:
    LCID 0x00000465 1 ;Divehi (Thanna script)
    0xFDF2 36 131 0 0 0 ;Arabic Allah (Isolated Form)
    LCID 0x00000429 8 ;Farsi
    So maybe the problem is related to this.
    Wednesday, July 28, 2010 8:29 AM