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  • I'm working with the WPF DataGrid and LINQ TO SQL. I've been reading that the proper way to manage a DataContext is to create it, do what you need to do, and be done with it. With regard to populating a DataGrid, this would seem to be different.

    What I have done is made a static class that has a static DataContext:

        private static string connectionString = global::ScScaleLoad.Properties.Settings.Default.SQLScrpDbConnectionString;
        private static SQLScrpDbDataContext _db = new SQLScrpDbDataContext(connectionString);

    and then a static poperty to return my ItemsSource:

        public static IEnumerable<JobOrdTable> OrderDataList
            string PlantId = Plant.Id;
            try {
              return from c in _db.JobOrdTables
                  where c.OrdMixID == "SCALE"
                  && c.OrdPltId == PlantId
                  && c.JobOrdStatus != (short)JOBSTATUS.Setup
                  && c.JobOrdStatus != (short)JOBSTATUS.Complete
                  orderby c.JobStartDate descending
                  select c;
            } catch (Exception ex) {
              CEAL.CEALException("Exception building order list", ex);
              return null;
            } finally {

    and then set the DataGrid's ItemsSource:

    JobListGrid.ItemsSource = AppData.OrderDataList;

    So, this works, but obviously my DataContext is (or maybe needs to be) living for the life of the application. Am I doing this correctly in some best practice?




    Bill McCormick -- MSDN Subscriber
    Monday, May 3, 2010 9:19 PM


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