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  • I wonder what the right encoding for german umlaute in a REST geocoding query is. I get different results from browsers and from code. Example:



    Adding my key and pasting this to Firefox the street within the URL is changed to L%E4nder%F6schstr.72 and I get a medium confidence (UpHierarchy) hit for "<FormattedAddress>Friedrichshafen, BW, Deutschland</FormattedAddress>".

    Pasting the same URL to IE8, I get the exact geocode with high confidence (<FormattedAddress>Länderöschstraße 72, 88046 Friedrichshafen</FormattedAddress>). [Which obviously demonstrates the superiority of IE :-) ]

    From code (VBA, using WinINet-APIs InternetOpenA, InternetOpenUrlA, HttpQueryInfoA), I send the encoded or unencoded string but always get the inaccurate result. I can change the umlaute to their "ASCII-representation", i.E. Laenderoeschstr. 72 and get exact results. But I don't want to do that because it's wrong somehow.


    Question: How do I encode the Länderöschstraße to get excact results using REST services?

    Thanks Karsten

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