Working with BingMaps AJAX Control, SQL Data Source and RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to display a map based on a selection in a dropdown box (83 counties). I then want to add polygons to the map for each of the cities, villlages, and townships (cvts) in the county (no more than 65 cvts). I then want to create an animated heat map setting a color on each cvt based on a monthly statistic. I will have controls to start and stop the animation, speed control for how quickly the animation moves through each month, and a step control to step through each month one at a time.

    I have the Bing Map credentials, the SQL database with all the data. I have a working dropdown box tied to a SQLDataSource tied to my database.

    There are several things I can't seem to figure out (some of these are client-side vs. server-side issues):

    Can I bring the bounding latitude and longitude for each county into the SQLDataSource? How do I access these in the javascript? If not, what client-side data container do you recommend? Does the data become part of the DOM?

    I then need a second data container for my cvts (id, name, polygon(s) with holes). This could be done by reading each cvt from the database and looping through its points and pushing each polygon onto map.entity and then looping through each cvt.

    I then need a third data container for my statistics (cvtid, statname, date, value). I will then loop through the stats by date and update the polygon color for each cvt and update the map (or just the polygons). How?

    Thanks for your guidance, I know some of these are basic, conceptual questions!

    Rick Bailey

    Friday, May 9, 2014 3:16 PM


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