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  • I do not update on the server.  Upload directly through FTP (not via EW).  To avoid uploading the VTI folders tried

    - - Copy the pc folder in which EW builds the site

    - - Paste as a new folder

    - - Windows Explorer search to find all VTI files in new folder

    - - Select all

    - - delete

    Back in the Windows file list all VTI folders still there.  Another search shows no VTI folders.  Folders can be deleted manually but there are too many for the method.

    The appearance of the VTI folder icon is different from the other folders.  Reduced opacity, kinda faded

    Friday, February 12, 2016 9:28 PM

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  • Don't worry about it. EW requires those folders on the local machine to maintain the site (track changed but not yet published files, etc.), but it does not publish them to the server (unless you are now using or have ever used FrontPage Server Extensions [FPSE] on that site, which uses them on the server like EW does locally to track changes,). In fact, EW hides them from view in Site View or the Folder List pane, since they are purely internal maintenance folders and files.

    If you have ever used an external FTP program (Ipswitch, Cute FTP, FileZilla, etc.) to publish, they don't know the difference, and will publish the _vti files and folders along with the regular. If so, don't worry about it. The server has no idea what to do with them, and simply ignores them. If you want to clean them all up, fine. Use an external FTP program (because EW won't display them) and delete them from the server. Then, use EW's FTP to publish in the future. Otherwise, you'll simply republish them again the next time you use an external program.

    After four tries, MS finally got site management and FTP right in EW4. You are much better off using EW's site management and FTP (which is quite fast, and also now supports FTPS and SFTP), so you can take advantage of features such as "Publish changed files..." to quickly publish only those files changed since the last publishing operation.

    Frankly, those _vti files and folders are harmless, and I would simply ignore them. But, that's just me...  ;-)


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    Friday, February 12, 2016 10:04 PM
  • The server copy has 575 vti folders and I want to remove them to keep the site clean. Server removal with FTP is not practical (unless there is a batch way).  So I would simply delete everything on the server and upload without vti

    Upload via EW has me in a quandary for a post in another question of mine said EW publishing is not 100% and explained why.  The site has 443 html files and I would never know if every file on the server has been updated. If I stay with the external FTP program, I will have 100%. 

    That is why I tried to prevent uploading vti by making a copy of site I have on my pc, then delete the vti, and upload from here.  The batch delete I tried (Search > select all> delete) did not work.  Any explanation why this approach did not work?

    Is external FTP upload 100% accurate for updating changes?

    Saturday, February 13, 2016 12:57 AM
  • VTI folders are never published.
    They are created by the FrontPage extensions during the publishing process when the FPSE are installed on the server.
    If your host supported extensions in the past and has now stopped, the VTI folders will still be there but are harmless.

    Expression Web MVP

    Saturday, February 13, 2016 2:39 PM
  • Thanks for the replies but the question will remain unresolved.

    The site is on a new ISP server (28 January) as a brand new EW creation.  Website started years back with FP.  Today, every page is new after stripping out all FP html leaving only the data.  Data tables retained <table><tr><td> wo attributes. 

    So vti folders are only the result of FP......?? So I missed something while stripping the old FP stuff.  Never have understood what a FPSE is, what they do, how to recognize one.  A matter best handled outside this post.

    Since I can not remove the VTI with a batch process (a second copy on my pc or server) will delete everything from the server and upload through EW.  Future changes that do not involve dwt, will update with external FTP.  For dwt changes, will delete everything on the server and upload the entire site via EW.  Not very efficient but I will have 100% certainty

    Saturday, February 13, 2016 7:43 PM
  • Not only the result of extensions, they are also used by EW when you have EW set to manage the site using hidden metadata.

    VTI folders are harmless, and use a negligible amount server space, there really is no need to delete them.

    Expression Web MVP

    Saturday, February 13, 2016 9:25 PM
  • "So vti folders are only the result of FP......?? "

    vti folders are the result of EW managing your local site.  They would be on the server only if you used FPSE (FrontPage Server Extensions - very few hosts still support those anyway), or if you upload the site, en mass, using an FTP program other than EW's own, which is what you did.   EW won't publish the vti folders when you use FTP publishing.

    With the number of pages you have, you should seriously consider switching from a DWT to a server-side include. Or, since your main issue is how to publish everything after a DWT change, without republishing all the image files, consider re-organizing your site to move the image files into separate image folders at the root of your site.  It would then be easy to publish everything but the images using EW: select the folders where the html files are, not the ones where the images are, and publish selected files.  If you move the images using EW itself, it will modify the image paths in the pages that use them for you.

    Kathleen Wilber
    BrightWillow - ASP.NET applications

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    Sunday, February 14, 2016 5:07 AM
  • If you move the images using EW itself, it will modify the image paths in the pages that use them for you.

    Just be sure you have set EW to keep track of things using meta-data when you do this, as mentioned already.

    ClarkNK AKA HomePage Doctor
    Database Tutorials Using ASP.NET Controls

    Sunday, February 14, 2016 1:17 PM