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  • I have a SqlTrackingParticipant class that is tracking everything, and when an activity faults I have access to an ActivityInfo class, which is cast as a FaultPropagationRecord class (pretty straight out of the box from the examples) - does anyone know if it is possible to access the activity instance itself and get access to a property of it?  I have a DebuggingGuid which is a guid, all my custom activities have it, and I would like to display it in the exception - in case they do not rename the task name itself and they have 10 of which share the name "create task."  I know we can follow the trace through to get to the one that had the exception, but if I can display the Guid it will make debugging just that much faster.



    FaultPropagationRecord errorRecord = record as FaultPropagationRecord;
    _firstFaultedActivity = errorRecord.FaultSource;
    ?? what goes ehre
    Guid debuggingGuid = errorRecord.FaultSource.??

    Monday, April 2, 2012 6:31 PM


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