Limit Upload Speed for Block Blobs


  • I created an application to upload files to Azure Storage. I have it running on different clients, and for some the file uploads saturate their bandwidth so that internet access for other processes becomes very slow. I am looking for some suggestions on how to limit the upload speed or work around this issue.


    Saturday, October 24, 2015 12:41 AM


  • Hello,

    I assume that you are uploading the files to Azure Blog. You can split the the file in chunk and control how many you want to upload. Maybe you can look at this 

    but you are running the upload program on multiple machines and those program doesn't communicate each other to control how much data each program is uploading then you probably need to change the logic in your program to have the centralized bandwidth control logic.

    Or, you can use some third-party program to control the bandwidth by program name from your firewall or gateway. 


    Michael Sync: blog:

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