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  • In February this year we have upgraded our TFS Server to 2015 update 3.

    Since that time, our database has grown alot.

    I have ran the same report today as i did during the upgrade and found the tables that grew the most.

    We have 5 tables that take up the most space and growth

    tbl_Content - 260GB in size and grew 70GB Since Feb 2017
    tbl_LocalVersion - 31GB in size and grew 2GB Since Feb 2017
    tbl_ClientEvent - 28GB in size and grew 28GB Since Feb 2017
    tbl_TestResult - 28GB in size and grew 5GB Since Feb 2017
    tbl_BuildInformation2 - 23GB in size and grew 10GB Since Feb 2017

    the top 2 growers are Content and ClientEvent, where ClientEvent surprises me the most.
    Looking at the table, this is just information about events that have been triggered. Is this suppose to be kept or can/should this be cleaned ? Is it a sign we have way to many events ? we have a team of about 150 users.

    I broke down the Content table contents, its funny that if you add it up you exceed the total space used, but ok..

    I guess the WorkItemTracking is mainly attachments, i am going to look into that, but 204GB of source control is quite a lot.
    We dont even branch that often, lets say a dozen branches per year, some are closed and deleted, but that cannot add up that fast right.

    VersionControl 204GB
    WorkItemTracking 100GB
    FileContainer 30GB
    TeamTest 10GB

    So my main concern is about the ClientEvents, is this normal and is there something we should do about this ?


    Thursday, October 19, 2017 9:30 AM


  • Unfortunately nobody replied.

    We have upgraded to TFS 2017 Update 2 this weekend.

    After the upgrade, the tbl_ClientEvent is only 1GB in size, instead of 28GB.
    So im sure it was an issue in 2015 and has been fixed in 2017.

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    Sunday, October 29, 2017 10:25 AM