Visual Studio 2015 Custom Templates: Missing Files


  • Hi folks,

    I am attempting to create a couple of custom templates to ease the setup of new C++ projects with some custom libraries. After exporting a custom template, I had no problems finding it within the New Project dialogue and even reorganizing it into its own category. However, when actually creating the project from template "Files" will show up on the left, but upon closer look are not actually present in the newly created project.

    To make sure nothing funky was going on, I created a simple Win32 Console Application with 'Empty Project' checked and created a simple main.cpp with only a comment present. I exported this, created a new project from the template and the same issue happens. "Could not find file", the file is not present in the project directory structure. Upon closer look, the .zip files that contain the project template do not contain the source files (or DLLs added as resources in the more complicated template) at all.

    Not sure what I could be doing wrong here, nor can I find much information on the net. Any ideas?

    Monday, August 22, 2016 5:23 PM


  • Somehow my forum/google search missed this relevant thread:

    As the issue has been confirmed, I have submitted feedback here:

    Monday, August 22, 2016 6:21 PM