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  • hey guys, I'm having a problem with calling a stored procedure using a table adapter in my dataset

    the stored procedure takes 4 parameters the last two of which are output parameters:

    ALTER proc SeConnecter
    @compte varchar(50), 
    @pass varchar(50),
    @TypeCompte VARCHAR(50) out,
    @Reponse bit out
     if exists ( select '' from utilisateurs where UserName=@compte and Pass=@pass)
    		SET @Reponse=1 
    		SELECT @TypeCompte=TypeCompte FROM Utilisateurs
    WHERE UserName=@compte and Pass=@pass END else SET @Reponse=0 GO

    in my dataset i have the stored rocedure in my 'QueriesTableAdapter', For some reason, when i pass in the parameters for the call, i get ane Error :

    "The best overloaded method for Achats.AchatsDataSetTableAdapters.QueriesTableAdapter.SeConnecter(string,string,ref string, ref bool?) has some invalid arguments"

    Here's my C# code :

    using Achats.ACHATSDataSetTableAdapters;
    QueriesTableAdapter ConnexionTA = new QueriesTableAdapter();
    Boolean exist = 0;
    String TypeCompte="";

    am I doing anything wrong? I'm new to C#, never had this sort of problem in VB so I'm quite confused;

    thanks a bunch in advance :)



    Friday, August 27, 2010 9:00 PM


  • Hello,

    Please to use the following code snippet:

    Nullable<bool> exist = false;
    // other parameters....
    ConnexionTA.SeConnecter(this.txt_compte.Text, this.txt_pass.Text, ref TypeCompte, ref exist);

    Please have a try and let me know the result!
    Best regards

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    Wednesday, September 1, 2010 9:43 AM