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  • Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP for Microsoft Office Customer Preview is a pre-release build of the next version of Open XML SDK 2.0. Download the setup files from the Microsoft Download Center and try the new SDK built on .NET Framework 4.0. You can install both the Open XML SDK 2.0 and the Open XML SDK 2.5 side by side on a PC.

    Most applications built with Open XML SDK 2.0 will work with the Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP without code changes. However, as several changes were made to the Open XML SDK 2.5 to support new file format extensions and software prerequisites were changed, verify the compatibility with the Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP.

    See the download and setup instructions for the Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP at

    To use the Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP in your Visual Studio project, the target framework of your project must be “.NET Framework 4” or “.NET Framework 4 Client Profile”. You must add a reference to “WindowsBase” and “DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.5.5513.0” to your application.

    Remove the reference to “DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.0.5022”, if the reference exists, in your application.

    What’s New “Software Requirements”
    The Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP requires .NET Framework 4.0 or .NET Framework 4.5 RC. Operating system requirements will match the requirements for .NET Framework 4.0.

    What’s New “Support of Office 2013 Preview file format”
    In addition to the SDK 2.0 classes, Open XML SDK 2.5 provides new classes that enable you to write and build applications to manipulate Office Open XML (OOXML) file extensions for the new Office Customer Preview features. For example:

    • The collaboration features of the comments pane in Word 2013 Preview and PowerPoint 2013 Preview are supported by “DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Office15.Word” and “DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Office15.PowerPoint” classes.
    • Apps for Word and Apps for Excel can be read from or added to Excel 2013 Preview and Word 2013 Preview documents with “DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Office15.WebExtension” and “DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Office15.WebExtentionPane” classes.
    • Timeline and PivotTable enhancements are supported by “DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Office15.Excel” classes.

    For the entire list of Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP classes, refer to the Class Reference Library on MSDN: Code samples for the new classes are posted to the Open XML Format SDK forum during the Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP evaluation period. (The SDK 2.5 API reference is available from August 2012.)

    What’s New “Read ISO Strict Document File”
    Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP can read ISO/IEC 29500 Strict Format file. When the Open XML SDK 2.5 opens a Strict Format file, each Open XML part in the file is loaded to an OpenXmlPart class of the Open XML SDK 2.5 by mapping  “” namespaces to the corresponding “” namespaces.

    Additionally, Table Alignment, Text Direction, Conditional Formatting, and Table Cell Alignment attributes in the document are converted to the corresponding attribute values of Open XML Transitional Format. The document is saved as an Open XML Transitional Format file when content is modified by Open XML SDK 2.5 classes.

    What’s New “Fixes to the Open XML SDK 2.0”
    Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP includes the following fixes for Open XML SDK 2.0 known issues:

    Known Issues for Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP and Open XML SDK 2.5 RTW

    • Class names heading from “DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Office15” will be renamed for the Open XML SDK 2.5 RTW.
    • Since smart tags were deprecated in Office 2010, Open XML SDK 2.5 doesn’t support smart tag related Open XML elements. The Open XML SDK 2.5 still can process smart tag elements as Unknown elements, but the Productivity Tool validates the elements in Office document files as “invalid tags”.
    • Since the file format extension of Office Customer Preview extends members of <extLst> elements, some ExtensionList classes of Open XML SDK 2.0 are updated to the new inherited ExtensionList classes. Look for a new post regarding the details of this update.
    • An issue of “System.UriFormatException” on loading a document is not resolved in Open XML SDK 2.5. A workaround is introduced at and. Look for a new post regarding an alternative workaround in this forum.
    • Validation features in the Productivity Tool are for debugging of Open XML SDK 2.0 or Open XML SDK 2.5 applications. Any validation results are not ensured for documents originally created by Office applications or the other Open XML format implementations.
    • Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP does not support “.NET APIs for Metro style apps”.
    • Distribution of any files of the Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP is not permitted. The RTW release of the Open XML SDK 2.5 will include an updated license for the distribution and deployment to cloud and hosting services.

    Bug Reports and Questions
    If you experience an issue with the SDK 2.5 CTP in your application source code, please post the issue as a question to this forum. If you have a generic question regarding the Open XML SDK 2.5, please post your question as a reply to this post.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012 3:16 PM

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  • The SDK reports being downloaded, but it is not.
    Thursday, August 23, 2012 8:06 PM
  • Could you please provide guidance regarding the time table of the final release (or at least a "go-live" license)? It's far easier to make planning decisions and decide on dependencies when that is provided.



    Friday, October 19, 2012 9:54 PM