Threat Modeling Tool Usability upgrades RRS feed

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  • I would like to recommend a few quality of life improvements for the user interface of the Threat Modeling Tools.

    1. A snap to grid toggle function for moving and resizing elements can make the diagram look far more elegant.
    2. An option to hide the grid (primarily for printing) makes the model seem far less cluttered.
    3. The ability to hide data flow icons and text (ideally separately) - They significantly clutter the view. In my opinion, the icons should not exist, and the text should be optional to show.
    4. The removal of icons for Trust Border Boundaries - they serve no purpose.

    For 1. and 2., two checkboxes that toggle the grid can be added to the tool panel.

    For 3. and 4., perhaps the easiest solution is to expand the Element Properties of graphical elements to include "show/hide icon", removing the green rounded rectangle for data flows when the icon is hidden and there is no text.

    Thursday, December 20, 2018 9:47 AM