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  • I have a Web Project upgraded from VS2003 to VS2005 that uses ASP.NET and C#. The Root folder is secured by role-based (mentioned in web.config). Now i am having a sub folder Tester that inturn has a web.config that overrides the root web.config and allows all users to access this folder. This folder holds some ASPX pages and C# files. When I build the solution, VS2005 is creating the compiled binary in the root bin folder itself instead of creating a new bin folder inside Tester directory. (VS2003 creates a new bin folder under Tester Folder). As the root bin folder is secured, the user is not able browse through the ASPX pages in Tester Folder. Is there a way to specify the project to create a new bin folder for Tester Project or how to solve this issue so that any user can able to access the Tester Folder thus leaving only authorized users to access root folder and other sub-folders?

    Thanks in advance.

    Gnan | Njoi Life
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