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    In the previous version, Bing Maps could import files (like KMZ/KML aka Google Earth).  Then, the new 2016 version did not allow users to important file but at least it allowed users to use the previous version, which then allowed for the imports of files.  Now, the current 2017 version, does not allow users to go back to previous versions and thus Import files.

    Specifically, I am looking to convert a KMZ/KML "Google Earth" files to Bing Maps as we have clients who use Bing Maps.  We want our clients to view our "Site" in Bing Maps and also allow them to navigate through it (e.g.: zoom in, see nearby cities, etc.). I could not do this with the drawing manager outline here:

    In theory I could draw the Site using the drawing manager and take a screenshot, but we need our client to be able to open the "Site" in Bing Maps itself.

    In other words, if importing KMZ/KML to Bing Maps is no longer possible, how can I draw our "Site" in Bing Maps so that people can easily view our "Site" using Bing Maps?


    Monday, May 8, 2017 10:22 PM


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