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  • The question is regarding Extensible EncryptionInfo stream in MS-OFFCRYPTO specification. 

    I had been reading the MS-OFFCrypto specification and specifically EncryptionInfo Stream (Extensible Encryption) section The XML fragment provided in section 3.9 shows an example. The question I had was 

    a) The sample XML in section 3.9 says that the module can be downloaded from third party site.

    b) Is that true ? (Does MS Office make a URL call to download the module everytime the user tries to open the document ?)

    c) If so does the module need to adhere to COM interfaces  ( I had looked at TestEncryptionAddIn example from ComShimWizard ) ?

    d) What happens if the same document is opened using MS Office on say MacOSX ? How does the downloaded module work on that platform.

    Is there any additional documents that someone can point me to. 

    I am not sure if the above are relevant questions, but would really appreciate if someone can help me.


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