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  • Hello all,

    I understand that certain fields cannot be deleted from the Risk and Issues Libraries of a Project Site in Project Server 2010. However, we can hide it using InfoPath and it works well with only few removes the 'Custom Command' that links the project schedule task to the risk/issue and auto update of the 'Issues and Risks' section on the Home Page of PWA is no longer possible until the project is saved and published...which I am not too concerned about though...It also removes the 'Attach file' and 'Spell Check' from the ribbon menu of the form.

    Sometimes we are fortunate to have clients who stick with OOB risk and issue form with minor tweaks, but we also get clients who have different project risk and issues management framework and for this we have to customize the form and InfoPath has been useful. Just annoyed that it removes the Custom Command.

    Can anyone please tell me how I can get the ribbon menu back for the Custom Command, Attach file and Spell Check back in the form? Or will it be...'NO, you cannot customise Project Server's Risk and Issue form'  :-)





    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:14 PM


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  • SJ,

    I prefer to create two new content types to override the default issues and risks, pretty much like outlined in the Andrew Lavinsky's post of old (, This enables you to create new columns and as long as you don't delete the oob risk and issue fields, will continue to work. Certainly this approach also keeps the link / spell check etc all in place.

    Let us know how you go.

    Alex Burton | Twitter
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  • Thanks for the response Alex!

    It is really good to know that you can do that to a Project Risk Content Type, but the issue is that InfoPath provides additional features like adding rules to fields and data connections to another sharepoint list.

    As you know sometimes Risk Management Framework can be a complex component when implementing it in PS and if following the ISO standard then there are risk controls that need to be added to get residual risk ratings etc...leaving an organisation with 25 different scenarios for each risk component...imagine adding a formula to each component manually...if there are three outcomes and these are automated e.g. Inherent Risk Rating, Overall Control Rating, Threshold Check (all based on likelihood, consequence, project control and existing control) then there will be 75 different checks...gosh, I am not going to create 75 different scenario formula manually. 

    What I did was created an organisation Risk Framework register and added it as a data connection using InfoPath in the risk register where it does a lookup and updates fields automatically and works like a charm without any type of coding or cumbersome 'if else' statements. No impact on project site job process.

    The only thing I will lose are Custom Commands, Spell Check and Attach File. So far losing auto update to PWA page has been has been taken lightly...

    I will see if there is a way to add this in the forms ribbon menu. I guess these menus are part of the application and will reside somewhere...where and how I can add it again is the question...

    Anyway. As always....thanks for your help! I learnt something new though regarding custom content types...just don't want to write cumbersome formulas :-)


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  • I have resolved this by using a list item workflow combined with what Alex suggested regarding content types. Though the workflow for the first risk item takes about 15-20secs to process, but after that all other risk items and edits are processed instantly.

    Still would love to use InfoPath to customize PS2010 risk and issues form one is so much easier. The calculation are done on the form instantly...helpful when an organisation follows ISO Risk standards with so many calculable outcomes! And form customisation using SharePoint Designer is a bit cumbersome...from my point of view... :-)



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