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  • <p>What we want is to have a LED on the front of our device be ON whenever there is either a good hardwired Ethernet link or when there is a good Wireless Ethernet link. If someone is using both, then a good connection to either will make the LED be on.</p><p>We currently have a GPIO line dedicated to toggle a LED on or off.</p><p>What I am trying to find that I need your help is finding where in the source code for the Hardwired Ethernet and Wireless code that detects a good link. In that source code I hope I can insert code to trigger a GPIO line to turn on our LED.</p><p>As you know, there is a Icon in the task tray that displays&nbsp; a good hardwired and a good wireless link. When there is no connection there is a red X in the Icon tray for the hardwired or wireless connection. So my guess is that if I can find in the source code for both the hardwired and wireless source code that switches the Icon display, that I can place my code there to toggle the GPIO line there to turn on our LED.</p><p>What I need you help is in finding that source code file(s)and where in that source code does it trigger the changing of the Ethernet connection Icons?</p><p>Not sure if this approach is correct.&nbsp; In general when the OS detects a good link from either the hardwire Ethernet or from the wireless Ethernet, I want to turn on a external LED via a GPIO line. This is my guess on how I can accomplish that. Please feel free to suggest other methods.</p><p>Attached is a snapshot of what I am trying to explain.</p>
    Thursday, September 6, 2012 7:14 PM

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