RTC API and NetMeeting RRS feed

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    I have been working on using the Real-Time Communications (RTC) client SDK v1.3 API protocol to enable chat, whiteboard and application sharing in my custom application. The idea is similar to that as implemented in NetMeeting v3.01 for Windows XP/Server 2003.


    However using the RCT API with T.120 applet, I am only able to use the whiteboard and application sharing features for a two-party connection. As seen from NetMeeting, it is able to support 3-party or more connections for white boarding and application sharing.


    I am not sure how NetMeeting is able to support multi-party whiteboard and application sharing based on RTC API and the T.120 standard alone.


    Does NetMeeting posses any additional signaling implementation that enables to handle multiple clients and allow multi-party whiteboard and application sharing?


    Thanks for any reply on this issue.


    Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:42 AM