How to upload e-mail protected by O365 Message Encryption (OME) to Content Management System RRS feed

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  • I seems to be caught in this catch-22 situation.  On one hand, we would like to upload customer email to CMS for categorizing, knowledge sharing and searching.  On the other hand, customers would want to send us confidential e-mail protected by OME.  So now when we receive secured e-mail from customers, it seems that the only way to file such e-mail is to painstaking print it as PDF (if printing is not barred), then file it.  Whereas, when the e-mail is not secured, people can just forward the e-mails to a shared mailbox from which we have system to automatically pull, file and categorize e-mails.  So now it is like we loss productivity but gain security, or we let loose on security but gain productivity.

    Does Microsoft have any advice?

    Thursday, January 31, 2019 2:17 AM

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  • Security is more important.

    Justin Liu Office Apps & Services MVP, MCSE
    Senior Software Engineer
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    Thursday, January 31, 2019 2:42 AM
  • Agreed.  I hope that our end users would be as understanding and as accommodating as you do.  However, such is not the case in this business world.  People are now taking this as a step back because, for us, the automatic e-mail info extraction and categorization are there first.  Now from end-users point of view, these functionalities are broken.
    Thursday, January 31, 2019 2:26 PM