CRM Adapter FetchResponse Parsing RRS feed

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  • Hi All

    What is the best way of parsing the FetchResponse returned from CRM using the CRM Adapter 4.0 ?

    I want to extract the <FetchXmlResult> content from the below Response , construct a new XMLDocument(Schema) & use this for another mapping (to destination system).

    How can the serialization of &lt; into <  be handled ?

    I have read some previous posts here ,but I am looking for specific details .

    <ns0:Response xmlns:ns0="">



    <ErrorCode />

    <ErrorString />

    <Retryable />



    <Message><prefix:ExecuteFetchResponse xmlns:prefix="http://localhost/"><FetchXmlResult>&lt;resultset morerecords='0' paging-cookie='$1$$incident$incidentid$1$0$38${7C89EC34-6828-410B-9718-185B5A39A8BA}$!$incident$incidentid$1$0$38${7C89EC34-6828-410B-9718-185B5A39A8BA}$'&gt;&lt;result&gt;&lt;ticketnumber&gt;CAS-01006-ZBEJ0W&lt;/ticketnumber&gt;&lt;title&gt;This is test case1&lt;/title&gt;&lt;/result&gt;&lt;/resultset&gt;</FetchXmlResult></prefix:ExecuteFetchResponse></Message>




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    Tuesday, November 30, 2010 10:16 AM


  • Ok.

    I managed to get a solution , but not sure if there is any better way.

    I formatted the XML  by doing  string replace, for example characters like &lt; with "<". This can be done in better ways using external .NET code or within Orchestration expression shape.

    Now my XML is well formatted & I selected the single result node from the XML,have created a Schema out of it.

    Used the Result schema to map with destination system.

    if anybody still got any other way of doing it ,please dont hesitate to share here.

    NB: The resultset returned by calling the webservice directly (using .NET code) is much better & cleaner than the one returned by CRM Adapter in BizTalk.

    Thanks .



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    Tuesday, November 30, 2010 3:17 PM